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The Kingdom Builders is Europe for Christ’s men’s ministry, it seeks to equip men: fathers, brothers and sons with the tools they need to build a dynamic and enduring relationship with God and fulfilling their purpose as Kingdom Builders.

We have frank discussions and come together to grow through the study of the Bible. We welcome men from all walks of life as we seek to navigate the challenges of modern life.


Our Women of Wisdom International is a non-denominational women’s ministry that seeks to equip women from all communities with biblical pearls of wisdom that are necessary to realize their God-given potentials.

Begin a journey of transformation with a growing community of dynamic women!


Salt and Light is the youth and young adults arm of Europe for Christ Mission. We gather on a regular basis to worship, learn, build friendships, have fun and be equipped to make a positive impact on the world around us.

ECM is a family oriented church and that is reflected in the great effort that we make within Salt and Light to ensure that people feel connected.


Children for Signs and Wonders (CSaW) Crew is an important place of spiritual growth and development. The principles and ideas our children learn are a foundation for a successful adult life. While keeping them active and engaged, we take them through a programme of lessons and activities to help the know who God is, what truth is and how to successfully navigate relationships.

At ECM Church we help your children grow and mature into strong and responsible young men and women of God.

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