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We want to connect you to God and a family of Christians.


About us

Welcome to Europe for Christ Mission (ECM) Church! Our heart is to connect people to a life-changing relationship with God and to a family of real people who love doing life together while making a difference in our community!

Europe for Christ is a thriving church that is passionate about revealing God’s love to every age and every background so that ALL can grow closer to God and truly live a life of purpose. Whether you are at our Sunday Family Service or one of our Care Groups, you are sure to experience an awesome time, an encouraging Word, and a feeling that you’ve arrived at a place you can call home!

Passionate Worship

For us, worship is first and foremost a lifestyle: we show our reverential respect and honour for God in our everyday actions. When we’re together, we also treasure the opportunity to passionately offer up praise and thanks to God in songs of worship. 

Inspired Bible Teaching

We believe in the divine inspiration and supreme authority of the Old and New Testament Scriptures; the Bible - which is the written Word of God. It is full trustworthy for faith and conduct, and so it guides all the teaching that is done at Europe for Christ. Go ahead and dive in to our most recent sermons. 


We’re a family on a mission; outreach is what we do! We believe wholeheartedly in Jesus Christ’s calling to all Christians to go out there and make disciplines of all men and women (Matthew 28:19-20). Within that we believe God has called us as a church family to take Europe for Christ, we’d love to have you join us on this journey. 

Let's do life together!

Care Groups are small gatherings of people who meet to hang, eat and do life together.

Care Groups are where we pray for each other and support each other. These gatherings take place every other week. Let's do life together!

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CSaW Crew

Ministering to your children is a privilege. Children for Signs and Wonders (CSaW) Crew is an important place of spiritual growth and development. The principles and ideas our children learn are a foundation for a successful adult life. While keeping them active and engaged, we take them through a programme of lessons and activities to help the know who God is, what truth is and how to successfully navigate relationships. At ECM Church we help your children grow and mature into strong and responsible young men and women of God.


Meet Rev. May

Reverend May Salami is the founding and senior Pastor of Europe for Christ Mission Church.


'Life in the Word'

Our online 'Life in the Word' service, taking place every Wednesday, is an amazing opportunity to dig into the lessons and principles of the Bible with a great group of people. We'd love to have you.